Independence Driving Equipment

Fadiel Italiana Combined Brake Ergonomic Trigger Accelerator

The new FSK2005 Combined Brake & Ergonomic Accelerator from Fadiel Italiana offers a more functional activation of the accelerator for the user. Easily accelerate by pulling the trigger or stalk towards the wheel.  Photo and Video linked

Fadiel Italiana Long Arm Brake and Accelerator Push Radial

The Long Arm Brake and Radial Accelerator is specifically designed for the person with quadriplegia and provides a balanced radial acceleration action with minimal fatigue. Braking effort is reduced with the longer lever design.  Photos

Reben Push/Pat hand controls

The Push/Pat hand control is designed to apply brakes when the handpiece is pushed towards the dash, and the accelerator is operated when the hand-piece is moved in an arc downward. With the Push / Pat control, the accelerator can be applied along with the brake – this makes it well suited for towing and hill starts, as well as day to day driving. This control can also be set up for left side operation and even an upward arc of the hand-piece to apply the accelerator if required. This type of control is well suited to most early and late model vehicles.

Reben Push/Pull Hand controls

The Push/Pull type of hand control is utilized the same braking operation as the Push/Pat control, (push towards the dash to apply brakes) however to accelerate, the hand piece is pulled back, towards the driver. These controls can be set-up for Right side or Left side operation.

Lodgesons R210/213

The R200 system allow people with restricted mobility to steer the wheel and operate the secondary functions of a car safety with one hand, by simply pressing a button it activates the required function eg. Horn, inductors, lights etc

Lodgesons Mini Keypad

The mini keypad is a hard-wired system designed for the use with hand controls which enables you to operate up to 13 secondary functions of a car safety with one hand, by simply pressing a button it activates the required function eg. Horn, inductors, lights etc  Suitable positioning of the keypad will depend on your needs

Fadiel Italiana Brake Lever

The FS2001 Brake Lever is characterised by an aesthetically pleasing design that is functional and user friendly. The injection moulded cover is available in an array of colours to suit any vehicle interior and the mechanical action guarantees a precise brake application.

Fadiel Italiana Long Arm Brake Lever

The Long Arm Brake Lever is based on the design of the FS2001 Brake Lever, with an additional extension to provide greater leverage. Approximately one third less effort is required compared to a standard brake lever. Braking is achieved by pushing the lever away from the body in the direction of the pedal. Available in two options, the two-point handle and the CL002/A handle.

Fadiel Italiana Satellite Accelerator

The AC2002 Satellite Accelerator has been designed to be used in any driving situation, giving maximum freedom of movement and precise acceleration.

Fadiel Italiana Wireless Satellite Accelerator

The innovative AC2002 Wireless Satellite Accelerator takes driving to another level with its cordless design. Suitable for any driving situation with maximum freedom.

Spinner Knobs and Handles

Spinner knobs and handles are available in a range of options and fitted to the steering wheel with the highest quality and smallest bracket on the market.

Left Foot Accelerators

The Left Foot Accelerator is suitable for those requiring acceleration with the left foot. Quick release function makes getting the unit on and off easy.

Pedal Extensions

Pedal Extensions are an innovative solution for those that have trouble reaching a vehicle’s pedals. They are designed to be used for those who are of short-stature, pregnant, over-weight or those with hip or knee problems. The space between the pedals can be adjusted as well as the height.

Available in both automatic and manual configuration they are perfect for your everyday needs. If one of our products does not suit you, we may be able to customise a solution for your need.

Electronic Hand Brake

The Electronic Hand Brake from Fadiel is easily activated with the press of a button and offers load sensor technology to ensure the correct strain is always applied.

Electronic Clutch

The Electronic Clutch was first designed and developed by Fadiel Italiana to activate the clutch pedal from the gearstick. Also known as the Duck Clutch.

High Level Modifications

For people with quadriplegia/tetraplegia requiring the most advanced driving systems including voice command, mini-wheel steering, joystick steering, and power assist braking.

Voice Command

The Voice Command system developed by Fadiel brings the latest assistive technology to the automotive industry with voice prompts activating auxiliary controls of the vehicle.

Postural Harness

The postural support harness provides stability for those who don’t have core stability to hold themselves when cornering or braking and is suitable for drivers with paraplegia and quadriplegia.