Wheelchair Access for Vans and Minibuses


The  range of lifter and ramps available to us is large, once we work out what your needs are from being used a lot everyday or much less we will work with you to pick the right model and brand to suit your needs 

The Fadiel Italiana Movia Ramps use advanced technology to produce lightweight aluminium ramps with distinctive features other products on the market cannot match. They also allow users to lift and stow their mobility scooter or power wheelchair into a van, minibus, or large car.

Manual ramps

The Movia Wheelchair Ramps manufactured by Fadiel Italiana present a new approach to ramp design previously unseen in the market. The concept revolves around a number of design features focusing on simplicity and lightness.

Electric Ramps

Movia powered ramps from Fadiel Italiana are available in a wide range of two section lengths and widths. They maintain the lightweight design and wing-nut assembly of the manual ramps

Platform Lifts

The Platform lift from SMDM, Braunabilty and Autolift offers a large range of quality loaders. The many design available to use makes this variety of platform lift ideal for us to choose the unit that best serves to needs and budget for transporting wheelchair users in all types of minivans or minibuses and overcoming any height variances from ground to vehicle entry.

Vehicle Fitouts  for carrying family or friends in there wheelchair 

Over the last 4 years we have done a range of van fit outs, from small replacements for old or out of date restraint systems, to new vans using quality  Carpentry’s and Upholstery’s and our own experienced staff with the layout and equipment to allow for 2  Wheel Chairs, reverse facing seats, fold down twin seats all in the same van if needed. All this work is done after consultation with you to understand what is needed in your vehicle.